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COVID-19 has created a whole new set of challenges for struggling families in Fairfax County.  The number of families referred to Family PASS for financial assistance has increased dramatically since April.  Low-income families making barely above minimum wage, with no options for teleworking or paid leave, have been impacted the hardest.  As the pandemic rages on, families are continuing to struggle with the loss of work hours, meeting rental obligations, managing distance learning for their children, and overall trying to keep their families safe and healthy.  Family PASS continues to support families in need to remain housed during this very difficult time.

Here are some of our clients' stories!

About Family PASS

From its beginning in 2006, Family PASS has been a Fairfax County Virginia community-based organization, involving volunteers and donors who share a belief that healthy communities are built on healthy families.  Their dedication supports the efforts of Family PASS case managers who provide weekly, and sometimes daily, counseling to help families succeed. Healthy families require a roof over their heads. The Family PASS focus, coupled with the commitment of its clients, has achieved a 95% success rate in keeping families housed and self-sufficient.  The families that Family PASS assists are highly motivated to regain their self-sufficiency. Most move out of our program within a year.  We consider it an honor to be able to assist them.

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The Beginning
A Community Partnership

Since we began, Family PASS has also become an integral part of the network to end homelessness in Fairfax County-bridging affordability initiative, Fairfax-Falls Church Housing Locator Network, Fairfax County’s 10 Year Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness, Fairfax County Consolidated Community Funding Pool…read more

Where we get our Clients
Family PASS only takes referrals from our collaborating organization: County’s Coordinated Services Planning (CSP) agency, Northern Virginia Family Services, Cornerstones, Shelter House, Good Shepherd Housing and other recognized agencies and organizations. People seeking emergency assistance should contact the CSP immediately at 702-222-0880.


fpass2In talking about the barriers families face, Guest Speaker Delegate Mark Keam recalled his own uncertain childhood — and potential homelessness — when his family fled from Vietnam back to Korea where there was little family to support them and no jobs. He also recalled his first meeting, years later, with Family PASS founders Allan and Suezette Steinhardt. It was his first attempt at running for office and he was going door-to-door to find out what constituents felt were important issues. Then he knocked on the Steinhardt’s door. Suezette Steinhardt proceeded to educate the young candidate on the state of homelessness and near homelessness in Fairfax County — in his own district. It was an eye-opener and a situation the candidate could relate to… read more.

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 Family PASS helps families that are homeless or at risk of homelessness in Fairfax County. We provide rent subsidies and connect families with support services needed to become self-sufficient. Our work is part of Fairfax County’s 10-year plan to prevent and end homelessness.

The working homeless in Fairfax: 56% of homeless adults in families were employed

Picture1The Bennetts lived from motel to motel after being wrongfully evicted from their home. Nonetheless, Mrs. Bennett managed to work full-time as a home health aide. Mr. Bennett had no license, no job, and no working car but was a committed stay-at-home dad for their six children. The children’s moves from school to school were affecting their education. The Fairfax County Public Schools Homeless Liaison contacted Family PASS for help.

After becoming stably housed with the help of Family PASS, the Bennetts made incredible strides. Mr. Bennett has his own working vehicle, a driver’s license, a commercial driver’s license (CDL), and a full-time job at a reputable moving company. Mrs. Bennett works part-time as a home health aide while working on her Personal Care Assistant certification and her GED.  Mr. and Mrs. Bennett received much-needed dental treatment through a pilot dental program at Northern Virginia Family Services. They will soon have full medical coverage with Kaiser Permanente’s Bridge Program. All this progress was made in less than a year. The children have been in the same school for a year and are flourishing.

Mom Stands Between Families and Homelessness

VIENNA, Virginia (CNN) — “Despite working three jobs, Carolina Wines and her husband, George Wines, couldn’t afford housing. For six months they had to live out of their van, hanging sheets on the windows for privacy and stopping at gas stations to wash up…Using her Virginia home as headquarters, Steinhardt, a suburban mom, created Family
Preservation and Strengthening Services, or Family PASS, to help provide affordable housing and support services to low-income families. She aims to keep families in her community out of shelters and on a path to self-sufficiency. “When we have an economy like this, the people at the very bottom are really going to be hit,” said Steinhardt. “As a mother, as a neighbor to these families, I have to be a part of the solution of what’s going on in our community.” For Steinhardt, 52, the key is bridging the gap between the time families exit transitional housing programs and they obtain affordable, permanent housing. ”


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Become A Volunteer

Ways to Volunteer

Tutoring, delivering food, helping with moving, coaching — Family PASS couldn’t operate without its corps of volunteers—and more are welcomed. Click here for some of the ways volunteers help Family PASS. If you have a specific skill or talent that you think would be beneficial to Family PASS, let us know.



Our Partners

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  • Washington Area Women’s Foundation Leadership Award
  • Social Justice Award, Temple Rodef Shalom
  • CNN Community Hero award
  • ABC7 community award and segment on Family PASS
  • Featured in Women’s World Magazine for our work with single moms
  • Nominated for the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce Outstanding Corporate Citizenship Award for Non-Profits


Since we began, Family PASS has also become an integral part of the network to end homelessness in Fairfax County:

  • Bridging Affordability Initiative—Family PASS provides case management for working families receiving temporary rental assistance from this new Fairfax County Department of Housing program.
  • Fairfax-Falls Church Housing Locator Network—Family PASS provides staff and resources to the Locator Network, a collaborative of nonprofits, local service providers, and government agencies that helps people find a stable place to live.
  • Fairfax County’s 10-year Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness—Family Pass provides data through the Homelessness Management Information System that helps the Office to Prevent and End Homelessness inform local, state and federal officials about the state of homelessness in Fairfax County and the strides made by the county in ending homelessness.
  • Family PASS receives considerable support from Fairfax County’s Consolidated Community Funding Pool to assist working families that are homelessness or in imminent  danger of losing their homes.

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